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Youth Group

Youth Culture

The Youth Culture program is tailored for youth between the ages of 13-25 years.

The Youth Culture host in-house bible study in various location each Thursday from 7pm to 9pm. The bible study demands each participant to take on bible game and ministry leadership.

Other activities such as song practices, leisure activities or reach-out might be consolidated during the gathering or by the church staffs.

Youth Culture Event Details

Mens breakfast & bible study

Mens Breakfast and bible study

Men breakfast is often held each second week of the month Commencing at 7:30am to 9:00am in Forest Lake Cmmunity House Hall.

The men break breakfast and bible training are articulated particularly for men throughout the community to stake together to fight against domestic violence, inspire them to an effective leaders and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ through bible ministry. In addition, the pastor is available to dispenses services such as counselling and goods to men who are exposed to family disputes or other personal related matters.

The pastor ensures the client obtain best possible services to fulfil their needs.

Mens breakfast Event Details

Womens dinner

Womens dinner

Women dinner and activities is held at the end of each month in (name of the place) at (the time of session).

This session encompasses bible study, prayers, tea production, traditional meal preparation and media.

The media aims to provide positive representation of women within the community.

Womans Event Details

General Activity

General Activity

General activity is usually hosted by staff members. It may involve conferences, birth day, day out, sports and so forth for all ages or specific classified groups.

Kids Program

Kids Program

Kids program is held once in ever school holiday, however the time, date and the venue are organised by the organiser. This program involves children between the age of 3 through 12 years old. Though, parents are expected to bring their children to venue or contact the organiser for enquiries and services.

The kids program enables children to interact with their counterparts, build their faith and become obedient. The bible session gives opportunity for children to read, contextualise the meaning of scriptures and answer series of questions. Toward the end of the program, the children be given lunch and involve in gospel singing and dancing towards.

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